Central Resort Spa

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Luxury, Travel & Hospitality



Logo Design, Packaging, Web Design

01 –


Imagine 6 gorgeous villas, each with either a private swimming pool or Jacuzzi and a view worth a thousand words and all of the services that you can imagine to make your vacation unforgettable. Do you have that picture in mind? Well it’s not just a dream! Central Resort Spa engaged Oltre to develop a website capable of selling the beauty, richness, and soul of the properties.

02 –


We were tasked with creating a beautiful, seamless, and high-end online experience for Central Resort Spa.

The properties booked themselves, all they needed was the packaging and presentation they deserved!

03 –


Withing the first year Central Resort Spa removed itself from all other OTA’s and was able to fully book itself autonomously. Now their only problems are the too many requests!

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